After School Arts

After School Programs

The After School Arts Program is offered 4 days a week in visual and performing arts. The program’s mission is to provide a supplemental and in depth experience that builds on skills learned in the classroom, fosters a love for the arts, and expands artistic expression. Through visual and performing arts, students have the opportunity to continue studies in a small group class.
Our foundress, Cornelia Connelly, reminded us throughout her teachings that the fine arts are a vital part of a Holy Child education, stressing the art of observation in acquiring knowledge–of the world, and of ourselves. Since our students face rigorous academic schedules, we encourage them to get truly engaged in their fine arts courses, to take full advantage of the opportunity to escape and expand their individuality in a completely different way. Not only do we believe in educating the whole child, which includes instilling that passion for the arts, we also inspire them to explore a whole host of “big ideas,” to expand their horizons, their minds, and their creativity along the way.

Our visual and performing arts instruction is deeply rooted in the hands-on exploration of each discipline. We have created a climate that nurtures and celebrates each student’s individual diversity and talent. We treat Visual Arts and Performing Arts with equal care, encouraging creative expression in a wide selection of course offerings. Our goal is to enhance the students’ lifelong appreciation of the arts, bring joy to their process, and to challenge their ability to grow in personal expression, and overall achievement.


Tuesdays • 3:30-5:30 p.m.

Visual Arts Club for Middle and Upper School Students
Sonya Payne, Visual and Performing Arts Chair

Wednesdays • 3:30-4:30 p.m.

Flute and Woodwind Ensemble
Ms. Elsbeth Fager, instructor

Thursdays • 3:30-4:30 p.m.

Guitar, Strings, Piano
Ms. Elsbeth Fager, instructor

The instrumental music program provides an opportunity for students, 6th-12th grade, who have a background in instrumental music to continue to develop their playing ability through participation in small ensembles. Students learning an instrument for the first time may enroll with the permission/recommendation of teachers.

$750 for the Complete year
Fee includes weekly classes, instructional materials,
supplies, and performance fees
(Payment can be made each trimester in three installments)

For financial assistance or scholarship opportunities, please contact the Admissions off.


Program contents

Music Performance
Students will work on tone quality
and technique while learning to collaborate as an ensemble.

Music Notation
Through rehearsal of music pieces, students will improve their reading of music notation, improve their sight reading skills and acquire the confidence to present a successful performance.

Students will be exposed to a wide variety of
repertoire both through playing and listening.

Fall Recital
Christmas Concert
Spring Concert/Evening of the Arts



Elsbeth Fager
Director, Visual and Performing Arts MS and US Music

Sonya Payne
Chair, Visual and Performing Arts US Visual Arts Instructor

Carole Dorlipo
MS and US Music

Tony Thomas

Dance Instructor and Choreographer MS and US Dance

James Carpenter
Theatre Instructor and Technical Director MS and US Theatre

Grace McNicholas
Visual Arts Faculty MS and US Visual Arts


We seek to both form and inform you about your relationship with God and how we as a community of faith have come to know God throughout history.


It's a trip into the 18th century, into the minds of novelists and poets now and in ancient times, and explores the art of writing and expressing yourself in whatever century or medium.


Threefold goals: focus on scientific content, develop scientific skills, developing in you a confidence and curiosity about the world of science.


Our curriculum is designed to ensure that you master the fundamental skills of mathematics and technology required for success in college.

Social Studies

Enhance reading, writing, research, reasoning, and critical-thinking skills. Special emphasis is placed on current events and encouraging you to become an active, well-informed citizen.


Not just vocabulary, verbs and grammar. It involves reflection of culture, history, geography. In small classes, you learn the skills needed to communicate effectively in French or Spanish.

Visual and Performing Arts

You can take courses and electives in art, music, dance and theatre as well as participate in art gallery displays and performances throughout the year.

Physical Education

You'll work in teams, develop social skills, strengthen athletic abilities, understand the rules governing sports as well as instilling lifetime activities.


Electives include personal finance, computer science, senior humanities, and senior seminar.

Academic Support

Courses designed to encourage learning skills and personal management strategies that builds self-confidence, independence and a passion for learning.