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Not every school is going to talk about joy. Because not every school gets it.   

But we’re not like everybody else. And neither are you. Joy gives you the confidence and strength to get into your dream college. Perform better than you ever have before. Make a difference. Do something completely new. Understand and live your true purpose.  It gives you the power to choose a healthier, smarter way to reach your goals.

Smart girls need a smart school.    

Research shows that academic strength grows through an intellectually challenging, personal and dynamic program of study.  

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Imagine your highest self. Then show up as her. 

When you truly belong and exciting opportunities encourage you to grow in every way, you’ll experience the incredible strength and happiness of being your best self. 

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Joy is not a compromise. 

Love your team, love your sport—and be fierce as only a Tiger can be. 

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We are women of action long before we graduate.     

Entrepreneurship, internships, global study—the experience you gain outside the classroom is essential.  

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Radiate joy. 

To observe, explore, express and create—to share the joy and power of your voice—is to grow. 

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Holy Child graduates love their colleges.  

Our college counseling program won’t simply help you get into a school. It will help you get you into a school you will love. 

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