Visual and Performing Arts

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Our founder, Cornelia Connelly, reminded us throughout her teachings that the fine arts are a vital part of a Holy Child education, stressing the art of observation in acquiring knowledge–of the world, and of ourselves. Since our students face rigorous academic schedules, we encourage them to get truly engaged in their fine arts courses, to take full advantage of the opportunity to escape and expand their individuality in a completely different way. Not only do we believe in educating the whole child, which includes instilling that passion for the arts, we also inspire them to explore a whole host of “big ideas,” to expand their horizons, their minds, and their creativity along the way.


Our visual and performing arts instruction is deeply rooted in the hands-on exploration of each discipline. We have created a climate that nurtures and celebrates each student’s individual diversity and talent. We treat visual and performing arts with equal care, encouraging creative expression in a wide selection of course offerings. Our goal is to enhance the students’ lifelong appreciation of the arts, bring joy to their process, and to challenge their ability to grow in personal expression, and overall achievement.


Introductory levels (Grades 9 and 10 no prerequisite required):

  • Painting and Drawing
  • Mixed Media
  • Ceramics

Upper levels (Grades 10, 11, and 12 prerequisite Painting and Drawing):

  • Studio Art 1
  • Studio Art 2
  • Portfolio Development (prerequisite: Painting and Drawing) - can take more than one year.


Elsbeth Fager
Director of Visual and Performing Arts
MS and US Music

Sonya Payne
Visual and Performing Arts Department Chair
US Arts Teacher

Cynthia Dillard
MS and US Music

Justin Dominic

Raven Bouvier
Theatre Instructor

Kasey OBoyle
MS and US Art Teacher

Jen Nardi