Our science department goals are threefold: focus on scientific content, develop scientific skills, but equally important is developing in the students a confidence and curiosity about the world of science.

Whether in physical science or physics, biology or chemistry classes, we focus our teaching around developing a student awareness of the interrelatedness of the physical and biological worlds. Concepts and laws in one domain affect another, and vice versa–an understanding in one affords success in the next.

We do this by showing the students the “real world” effects of their lessons: in physics classes, giant bubbles expand and burst, scooters zoom down driveways (velocity); in chemistry, we stage contests to determine the compound. Oceanography students hear from noted whale researchers, then head to Key Largo to see sea life firsthand, both in the water and in working labs. Forensic students learn to find clues, but far beyond the quick and easy world of CSI.

To appreciate the diversity and complexity of the natural world, we must question, ask how and why–memorizing facts are not enough. This “inquiry-based” style of learning inspires the students, and they are emboldened to take risks in discussions, and creativity is fostered, in a safe but challenging environment.

Traditional Approach 

  • 9th: Int. Sci.: Systems and Sustainability
  • 10th: Int. Sci.: Mechanisms of Change (2018-2019)
  • 11th: Science Electives

A fourth year of science is not required, but highly recommended for college-bound students. After successful completion of Biology and Chemistry, any of the following classes may be taken in the 12th grade:

  • Physics
  • Honors Physics
  • Oceanography or Forensics (offered on alternating years)
  • AP Biology or AP Chemistry (offered on alternating years)

"A girl should choose Holy Child because it is a place where she can truly learn life skills and build confidence both in and out of the classroom. The teachers want you to succeed, and they are willing to put in extra time to make sure that happens. I have never met so many people who look forward to going to school and classes every day because they are excited to see their friends and feel like they can truly be themselves."

– Caitlyn ‘15, a freshman at Brown University

"By choosing Holy Child, you avail yourself to a myriad of opportunities. Holy Child is a place where your voice will be heard and appreciated. After my four years at Holy Child, I feel empowered in everything that I do. If you’re looking for supportive teachers, countless academic and social endeavors, and an incredibly close-knit community, then Holy Child is the place for you."

– Hope ‘15, a freshman at Savannah School of Art and Design

"Holy Child is a really special community. At Holy Child, you not only form strong bonds with your classmates, but also with your teachers, administrators, and even alumnae. All members of the community genuinely take interest in you and your life and care about your success. You are never alone at Holy Child; you’re part of a family."

– Allison ‘15, a freshman at Fordham University


We seek to both form and inform you about your relationship with God and how we as a community of faith have come to know God throughout history.


It's a trip into the 18th century, into the minds of novelists and poets now and in ancient times, and explores the art of writing and expressing yourself in whatever century or medium.


Threefold goals: focus on scientific content, develop scientific skills, developing in you a confidence and curiosity about the world of science.


Our curriculum is designed to ensure that you master the fundamental skills of mathematics and technology required for success in college.

Social Studies

Enhance reading, writing, research, reasoning, and critical-thinking skills. Special emphasis is placed on current events and encouraging you to become an active, well-informed citizen.


Not just vocabulary, verbs and grammar. It involves reflection of culture, history, geography. In small classes, you learn the skills needed to communicate effectively in French or Spanish.

Visual and Performing Arts

You can take courses and electives in art, music, dance and theatre as well as participate in art gallery displays and performances throughout the year. 

Physical Education

You'll work in teams, develop social skills, strengthen athletic abilities, understand the rules governing sports as well as instilling lifetime activities.


Electives include personal finance, computer science, senior humanities, and senior seminar.

Academic Support

Courses designed to encourage learning skills and personal management strategies that builds self-confidence, independence and a passion for learning.