Physical Education

Freshman Physical Education

The freshman Physical Education course is designed with an emphasis on personal improvement in integrating movement skills through a variety of traditional team sports and recreational activities. Units are designed to help students understand teamwork, develop social skills, strengthen their athletic abilities, and understand the rules governing sports. Units are selected from archery, flag football, floor hockey, net games (volleyball, speedminton and badminton), team handball, fencing, softball/kickball, yoga, and circuit training.  Manipulatives, such as poi, Bal-a-Vis-X (balance, auditory, visual exercise) and hoop dancing are used to enhance dominant/non-dominant body integration. This course meets three times a week.

(1/2 Physical Education Credit)

Sophomore Physical Education

This course builds on the freshman course, emphasizing lifetime fitness and personal conditioning. Units are selected from the following choices: personal fitness/circuit training (the TRX system is used), flag football, net games (volleyball, speedminton, and badminton), yoga and archery. This course meets twice a week.

(1/2 Physical Education Credit)