Personal Finance

This one semester course provides students with an overview of all of the aspects of “managing” one’s personal financial affairs. Topics covered include banking, investing, debt management, taxes, and budgeting. This class follows a case-driven approach by incorporating a “real-life” practical application of these topics. Class projects will require students to expand their knowledge of Microsoft Office tools, most notably Excel.

(1/2 Elective Credit)

Introduction to Computer Science

This course is designed to teach fundamental computing concepts while simultaneously exploring the role of technology in contemporary society.  It is intended for students with no previous programming background. This course introduces problem-solving methods and algorithm development using an internet-based programming language. Students will learn how to design, code, debug, and document programs using modern engineering techniques. The course also contains an Internet technology component. By the end of the semester, students will be able to:

define computer literacy and understand its importance in contemporary society; identify, describe, and use various Internet technologies; identify and understand the uses of various types of computer software; understand and be able to perform basic (rudimentary) computer programming (web-based); understand the importance of computer and Internet security; understand the software development lifecycle (analysis/requirements, design, build, test, and deploy)

(1/2 Elective Credit)

Sports Medicine & Nutrition

An introductory course for students who are considering a career in the sports medicine field or another allied health care profession. Topics will include but not be limited to: athletic training as a career, other career fields associated with the health field, basic first aid and safety, CPR certification, anatomy and physiology, common musculo-skeletal conditions and associated anatomy, medical terminology, weight training for the athlete, basic evaluation and treatment of athletic injuries, injury prevention, and nutrition.

(Full Year Elective Credit)