Upper School


Advanced Placement

Calculus (AB and BC)
French V
Language and Composition
Literature and Composition
Spanish V
United States History


Algebra I
Algebra II / Trigonometry
Integrated Science: Mechanisms of Change
French III
French IV
French V
Government and Law
Spanish III
Spanish IV
Spanish V


We seek to both form and inform you about your relationship with God and how we as a community of faith have come to know God throughout history.


It's a trip into the 18th century, into the minds of novelists and poets now and in ancient times, and explores the art of writing and expressing yourself in whatever century or medium.


Threefold goals: focus on scientific content, develop scientific skills, developing in you a confidence and curiosity about the world of science.


Our curriculum is designed to ensure that you master the fundamental skills of mathematics and technology required for success in college.

Social Studies

Enhance reading, writing, research, reasoning, and critical-thinking skills. Special emphasis is placed on current events and encouraging you to become an active, well-informed citizen.


Not just vocabulary, verbs and grammar. It involves reflection of culture, history, geography. In small classes, you learn the skills needed to communicate effectively in French or Spanish.

Visual and Performing Arts

You can take courses and electives in art, music, dance and theatre as well as participate in art gallery displays and performances throughout the year.

Physical Education

You'll work in teams, develop social skills, strengthen athletic abilities, understand the rules governing sports as well as instilling lifetime activities.


Electives include personal finance, computer science, senior humanities, and senior seminar.

Academic Resources

Courses designed to encourage learning skills and personal management strategies that builds self-confidence, independence and a passion for learning.

McShain Library

Our onsite collection includes more than 13,000 books, periodicals, newspapers, audio books, multimedia resources, reference online databases and encyclopedias. There is also a technology center for individual and group projects. We also have a massive fireplace for wintertime.


Having a heart for service is a core belief at Connelly School of the Holy Child. As we seek to educate young women to be all that God created them to be, we are mindful to instill virtues and selflessness in the hearts of our students. Service must be more than a charitable act. It must come from a lively faith and a desire to love as Christ loves, to serve as Christ serves.

College Counseling

The college counseling process at the Connelly School of the Holy Child strives to uphold the vision of Cornelia Connelly, who created an educational program where the uniqueness and dignity of every person was paramount. The individuality of each student is respected and valued, and the college selection process reflects that individuality. 

Senior Internships

The Holy Child Senior Internship Program is designed give each senior an opportunity to explore her career interests and gain experience working in a professional environment. It is a graduation requirement for each senior and must consist of 40 hours or 5 work days performed on-site at a business or non-profit organization.

Study Abroad

Are you fascinated by travel, culture, and world languages? Would you love to see your studies in action?

Holy Child puts its global conversations and approach into action with yearly study abroad trips during spring and summer breaks. These trips immerse you in other cultures, discovering new customs around the globe while learning academic topics firsthand. Our destinations vary from year to year, as we adapt to our community and keep the trips exciting for students.

Spring Break 2015 sent two groups abroad: our musical director (and colleague) took a group around Europe, where the girls discovered among other things culture, art, and toured through Munich, Prague, Budapest, Vienna, and Salzburg. Two of our teachers led another group to Jamaica with Food for the Poor.