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Build leadership skills and your college résumé. 

Entrepreneurship, conferences, exchange programs—the experience you gain outside the classroom is essential. Design a business solution to a social issue in the Junior Entrepreneurship Program. Explore opportunities in the nation’s capital by participating in a conference or internship. Engage in the world through a school exchange program or serving locally or abroad.  

Junior Social Entrepreneurship Program 

This seven-day seminar is designed to inspire juniors to lead with passion, purpose and a strong voice as they learn to build effective and efficient business-based solutions to some of today’s most challenging social concerns.

Through case studies, team ideations and group dialogue, students develop a deeper understanding of the social entrepreneurship sector and the skills necessary to fund, launch and administer such a venture.  

The program culminates in a thoughtful and engaging “Shark Tank” competition where each team presents their business plan and how their product or service will impact a social issue. Industry experts serve as our judges, choosing three winning teams based on the quality of their product or service, strength of their business plan, product research, marketing, and the team’s ability to present a compelling case.  

The winning team in the 2022 Junior Entrepreneurship competition developed UbHER, a women-only ride-share business focused on safe travel. 

Global Engagement Program 

Holy Child students experience the interconnectedness of local and global events and develop genuine relationships with students from other cultures and regions through our Global Engagement Program.

Opportunities range from international conferences such as the Model OAS to regional service to school exchange programs and trips. 

The Global Engagement Program seeks to: 

  • Develop mission-aligned service and learning opportunities for middle and upper school students both on campus and through travel in the United States and internationally 

  • Weave global perspectives into our dynamic and challenging curriculum and develop multicultural competencies in our students 

  • Recognize students who complete the language and cultural competencies of the program with a certificate


Network School Exchange 

The Society of Holy Child Jesus Network School Exchange allows sophomores to experience Cornelia Connelly’s vision for her schools on a global scale.

Students live with host families and study at Holy Child schools in Dublin, Ireland, or Pasadena, California, from February through March. Those who host our students then visit our school in April.  

Model OAS General Assembly 

For more than a decade, Holy Child has participated in the Model OAS General Assembly, a simulation designed by the Organization of American States to promote democratic values among students. 

In this three-day conference, student teams from high schools in North and South America analyze and discuss major political, economic, social and security issues in the Americas. The conference has been held both virtually and in Washington, D.C. 


“The whole world is my country, and heaven is my home.” 
-Cornelia Connelly

Foundress, The Society of the Holy Child Jesus

Beyond Books

Through our signature academic experiences, you will become a woman of action long before you graduate. 

Engaging experiential learning often leads to better long-term memory and deeper learning experiences. 

In every experience we offer, we expand upon our founding mission to “meet the wants of the age.” 

Global Citizenship 

Maggie Rudman ’18 completed work on an archeological dig in Greece while attending DePaul University. Her Holy Child study of world cultures inspired her passion for global experiences.