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A Student-Focused Approach to Counseling. 

The college counseling process at Holy Child strives to uphold the vision of Cornelia Connelly, who created an educational program where the uniqueness and dignity of every person was paramount. The individuality of each student is respected and valued, and the college selection process reflects that individuality. Each student is guided to focus her efforts on finding a college or university that is a good match for her–a place where she will continue to grow, to learn, and to move toward reaching her own potential.

In keeping with the mission of the Network of Holy Child Schools, the college counseling process endeavors to develop mature persons capable of making choices which enrich their own lives and contribute to the lives of others.

Students develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their particular aspirations, and they gain the confidence to make decisions that will allow them to lead fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Selecting a college is such an important decision—one that is filled with both excitement and so often a large dose of uncertainty.

With our student-focused approach, we work extensively with each girl and her family to ensure that she is applying to a selection of colleges that best fit her individual talents, goals, abilities. It is a personal decision—one that is made after careful consideration, discussion, and research.

Holy Child graduates excel in college. 

We believe there’s a healthier, smarter way to prepare for and choose a college—one that fuels girls with the energy and confidence to make the most of all that awaits them after Holy Child.
Here, each girl is surrounded by inspiring teachers, friends and opportunities that encourage her to stretch, to eagerly bring her whole self into all she does, and to seek a college or university that will challenge her to continue growing into all she can be.  
College counseling at Holy Child is more than a department. It begins with teachers and counselors who truly know you—what you’re capable of, what you care about and what you want to achieve. 
We’re here to help you connect with a college you will love - 
and that fits you best.

Representatives from over 75 colleges and universities visit our campus each fall. We also host the Jesuit Excellence Tour on campus, where representatives from colleges such as Loyola University Chicago, Marquette University, College of the Holy Cross and Fairfield University attend and meet students. 
Current students can log into Scoir for the latest updates. 

We offer: 
  • 40 AP/Honors courses in science, math, English, social studies and world languages 
  • Dual enrollment with Marymount University in select Spanish, biology, art history and religion courses
  • Participation in the PSAT and PreACT, with ability to review results alongside the test booklet

Recent graduates are majoring in international affairs at the University of Michigan, business and Spanish at UNC Chapel Hill, finance at the University of Richmond, and more. They are scholarship winners, community leaders, artists and writers, varsity athletes, world explorers. The real story is about more than where young women go after Holy Child—it’s about what they do. 

Every student is unique and deserves a unique and appropriate college where they can continue to shine, as such our list of college acceptances is long and ever growing. 

Our Process

Additional Resources 

Students can schedule an individual appointment with the College Counseling Department at any point throughout the year. Presentations are offered to provide families with information on financial aid, standardized testing and college admission trends. 

NACAC Membership

Holy Child is a member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) and affirms its Statement of Principles of Good Practice, a code of ethical conduct that articulates the responsibilities of college members, secondary school members, and independent counselors in the admission process. In addition, Holy Child affirms NACAC’s Statement of Students’ Rights and Responsibilities in the College Admission Process. Although college counseling is primarily focused on students and their families during the junior and senior years, questions that students or their parents may have throughout their time at Holy Child are welcomed.

We are here to help navigate this process.

  • Visiting Colleges
  • Testing
  • College Financial Aid