Middle School

Our curriculum is flexible and our students self-directed. You have a hand in setting your own path and pace, from engaging in formal self-assessments, to taking a role in planning your course load.

If you want to forge ahead, you can: More than 44 percent of our eighth-grade students are taking high school courses.

From acting out U.S. history to building solar cookers, you will experience a combination of academic structure with individual freedom. In addition to building scholarly skills, you'll develop an appreciation for the arts, awareness of other cultures, and commitment to well-being.

With each basic skill mastered, you will can progress from concrete to more abstract thought.

Upper School

In Upper School, you will feel increasingly free to express your own thoughts and opinions. With each year, you accept more responsibility for your journey. 

Free periods allow for one-on-one time with teachers, independent study and group collaboration. Other features include off-campus leadership opportunities and assigned faculty advisors.

Our goal is to get you “life ready” not merely ready for college. College is meaningful not as the ultimate goal, but as a stepping stone.

We work with you to select a great college that is a best match for you.

Our aim: to graduate joyful learners who go on to change the world.

Academics Staff

LeAnne Kannapell
Associate Head of School
301.365.0955 x 2162

Kim Hogan
Director of Teaching and Learning
301.365.0955 x 2129

Nicki Iadarola
Director of Academic Support
301.365.0955 x 2230