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Inspired girls need an inspiring school.  

At Holy Child, each girl’s academic strength grows through an intellectually challenging and dynamic program of study.  Because evidence shows girls thrive on connection and context, we design collaborative, active, inquiry-based approaches for every class, from science and math to literature and history. We create space and time for faculty to mentor, advise, coach and connect with each student as an individual.Our highly personal college preparatory curriculum is based in a Catholic educational tradition that joins faith and intellect. Our innovative teachers take it ever forward to create the best learning environment for girls.Every day, with passion, conviction and grit, we build deep, energizing joy in learning. The college and career accomplishments of our alumnae prove the success of our approach.



In the classroom, girls take the lead. 

 Your teachers will inspire you to engage in student-led class discussions of complex topics of local and global impact. You and your classmates will explore many perspectives to find your own voice. You will develop higher order thinking and collaboration skills.


Girls work together to develop solutions to real problems. 

From disaster mitigation to engineering challenges, project-based learning will inspire you to actively explore and choose real issues to solve. As you connect with people and ideas, you’ll build critical-thinking, communication and life skills as well as greater knowledge. 


We are women of action long before we graduate.   

Entrepreneurship, conferences, exchange programs—the experience you gain outside the classroom will build you as a leader, an innovator and a globally minded woman of conscience and action. It’s not an extra. It’s essential. 

the All girl advantage

65% of faculty hold advanced degrees.   

Master teachers, writing and math specialists, educational researchers, doctors, theologians, practicing performers and artists—our remarkable teachers are highly credentialed professionals. They bring experience, energy and heart.  

100% committed to advancing their educational practice and subject knowledge. 

What’s the best academic schedule for girls? The most effective way to build analytical skills? The latest thinking in neuroscience? Great teachers know they must never stop learning.  

Trained in advising—and all with an open door.

From individual coaching to guiding an independent study, our dedicated teachers know that trusted relationships built through time and attention help girls thrive.  

The same advisor works with each student throughout her entire time at Holy Child.