Students in class

We challenge her because we know what she can accomplish.

In our challenging college preparatory curriculum, we offer a flexible, experiential approach to deep learning in each subject. She will be taught by skilled, attentive teachers who support and push her to be her very best. Girls graduate from Holy Child equipped with everything they need to embrace every opportunity in college and in life.

Flexible, Individualized College Preparation

Recent graduating classes have been awarded approximately $7 million in scholarship funds to their accepted institutions.

Our curriculum offers an individually tailored balance of subject levels for each girl, including AP, Honors and independent project options. She will develop strong writing, communication and analytical skills that carry her through their college and career experiences. The proof is in the outcomes.

Innovative and Hands-On Learning

Learning based in experiences and real applications is a hallmark of a Holy Child education—because we know the best learning feels personal. Offerings such as the SHCJ Network School Exchange, Junior Social Entrepreneur Program and Senior Internship allow her to explore ventures and careers that interest her. Collaborative experiences from Harkness discussions to small- group work encourage critical thinking, problem solving and deeper understanding.

100% of recent AP English Literature students earned 4s or 5s on their AP exams.

A Well-Rounded and Full Experience

A true education goes beyond the classroom. Whether she’s destined to stand out on the stage, in the studio, on the field or in the lab, she is surrounded by opportunities grounded in leadership, service and values that meet her where she is and guide her to where she’s going.

Expert Faculty

With our 6:1 student-teacher ratio, she is guaranteed to receive the attention and mentorship she deserves. Sixty-five percent of our faculty have advanced degrees, and our teachers are continuously implementing dynamic and innovative techniques to ensure every girl’s success at Holy Child and beyond.

“A hallmark of teaching at Holy Child is the student-teacher relationship. Our small class sizes mean that teachers can check in daily with students about how well they are understanding information and feedback. These small classes create greater trust between teachers and students where risks are encouraged, and mistakes are normalized as part of the learning process.”

Photo of student and teacher