Faculty and Staff Directory

Catherine Albornoz
Campus Minister
301.365.0955 x2211

Debby Anker
Assistant Director of Information Systems
301.365.0955 x2236

Charlotte Barry
Campus Minister Assistant
301.365.0955 x2127

Elizabeth Billett
School Counselor
301.365.0955 x2116

Marie-Lise Bonneau
301.365.0955 x2246

Madie Bromiley
Assistant Director of Communications
301.365.0955 x2132

Marissa Bulger
301.365.0955 x2199

Julie Burke
Dean of Students
301.365.0955 x2239

James Carpenter
Director of Technical Theater
301.365.0955 x2245

Libby Cassidy
Learning Specialist
301.365.0955 x2228

Caitlin Chalke
Director of Communications
301.365.0955 x2104

Alicia Cohen
Social Studies and Religion
301.365.0955 x2113

Alex Corbutt
Sixth Grade Teacher
301.365.0955 x2143

Karen Craig
Social Studies
301.365.0955 x2137

Meghan Cross
Director of Enrollment Management
301.365.0955 x2103

Lindsay Davis
Middle School Counselor and Activities Coordinator
301.365.0955 x2198

Katie Dolan
Writing Center
301.365.0955 x2242

Carole Dorlipo
Music and French
301.365.0955 x2149

Claire Drummond
Office Systems Manager
301.365.0955 x2208

Millie Durbin
Asst. to the Office of Academics
301.365.0955 x2142

Elsbeth Fager
Director of Visual and Performing Arts
301.365.0955 x2204

Nora Fitzpatrick
Assistant to the Head of School
301.365.0955 x2105

Trish Fraser
Assistant Dean of Students
301.365.0955 x2114

Cindy Gillette
School Nurse
301.365.0955 x2150

Shannon Gomez
Head of School
301.365.0955 x2130

Lindsay Greene
Admissions Associate
301.365.0955 x2243

Javier Guzman
Facilities Supervisor
301.365.0955 x2155

Ben Hatton
301.365.0955 x2141

Paulina Hill
Admissions Associate
301.365.0955 x2106

Kim Hogan
Director of Teaching and Learning
301.365.0955 x2129

Nicki Iadarola
Director of Academic Support
301.365.0955 x2230

Nawil Jama
301/365.0955 x2226

Chrisy Jelen
301.365.0955 x2199

Kathleen Jensen
English, Department Chair
301.365.0955 x2213

LeAnne Kannapell
Associate Head of School
301.365.0955 x2162

Ed Kent
Religion, Department Chair
301.365.0955 x2133

Samantha Kerley
Social Studies
301.365.0955 x2224

Ann Kerrigan
Director of Annual Giving
301.365.0955 x2229

Katie Klim
301.365.0955 x2216

Maureen Koch
Director of Food Services
301.365.0955 x2231

Prachin Krents

Ellen Kumm
301.365.0955 x2100

Adam Lewin
Social Studies
301.365.0955 x2120

Cara Lewis-Roy
Athletic Trainer
301.365.0955 x2214

Ashley Lowry
Dean of Academics
301.365.0955 x2203

Meg Mayo
Director of College Counseling
301.365.0955 x2115

Grace McNicholas
301.365.0955 x2145

Suzi Montes de Oca
Director of Development and Stewardship
301.365.0955 x2122

Katie Moylan
301.365.0955 x2197

Eileen O'Toole
Learning Specialist
301.365.0955 x2158

Lisa Orosa
Middle School Campus Minister
301.365.0955 x2149

Hector Orozco
Grounds Supervisor
301.365.0955 x3036

Salvador Orozco
301.365.0955 x3036

Mike Owen
Director of Facilities
301.365.0955 x2146

Adelaida (Ida) Pablo
Middle School Math/Science
301.365.0955 x2234

Kathy Pascale
Business Associate
301.365.0955 x2108

Sonya Payne
Visual and Performing Arts, Department Chair
301.365.0955 x2125

Helen Place
301.365.0955 x2210

John Quigley
Math, Department Chair
301.365.0955 x2244

Jamie Ready
Athletic Director
301.365.0955 x2112

Meaghan Richardson
301.365.0955 x2113

Kristin Roberts
Social Studies, Department Chair
301.365.0955 x2227

Abby Root
301.365.0955 x2110

Barry Rosenberg
301.365.0955 x2215

Meg Russell
301.365.0955 x2223

Mary Switzer-Haardt
World Languages, Department Chair
301.365.0955 x2194

Kelly Tomon
Science, Department Chair
301.365.0955 x2118

Alyssa Umberger

Kaitlyn Valis
Instructional Technology Specialist
301.365.0955 x2102

Katia Vargas
Multicultural Diversity Coordinator
301.365.0955 x2195

Laura Volovski
Chief Advancement Officer
301.365.0955 x2123

Steve Volovski
Director of Technology
301.365.0955 x2101

Lauren Walter
301.365.0955 x2144

Colleen Wealton-Mailander
301.365.0955 x2119

Peggy Weldon
Math Lab
301.365.0955 x2146

Karin Wells
Associate College Counselor
301.365.0955 x2240

Meagan Wenstrand
Learning Specialist
301.365.0955 x2233

Leslie Whitaker
Physical Education, Department Chair
301.365.0955 x3035