A-Z for Parents
Everything you need to know about Holy Child.

Advent Angels
During the season of Advent, students participate in “Advent Angels” during a designated week.  Your Advent Angel is your Prayer Partner. Each day, there is an assigned Advent Angel activity such as bringing in a small ornament, decorating their locker, making them a card, etc.

Annual Fund/Fund for Holy Child
The Fund for Holy Child enables us to provide students with an exceptional education rooted in academic challenge, joyful learning, and service to others. Tuition alone does not cover the cost of a Holy Child education, and the Fund for Holy Child has an immediate impact on school operations.

Baccalaureate Mass
Held the Thursday before graduation at Our Lady of Mercy Church, this evening ceremony is designed by the graduating seniors and Campus Ministry to celebrate their transition from students to members of the Alumnae Association.  Attended by the seniors and their parents/family.

Billingsley Hall
Billingsley is the largest meeting room at the school and is located in the hallway to the right of the Upper School front entrance.  Many of our parent meetings and gatherings take place in Billingsley Hall.

Bingo Night
Bingo Night, held in the spring, raises funds for our sister school, Washington School for Girls, for their students to go on a field trip to Karen Noonan Center. This is an annual tradition and tons of fun.

Blue/Gold Day
Upon entering Holy Child, every student is assigned to either the Blue or the Gold team.  On Blue/Gold Day, all students dress up in the color of their team and the teams compete in a flag football game.  This school spirit day is typically held outside on the field and parents are invited to attend in the afternoon to watch the games and socialize. 

Class Reps
Each grade has two parent volunteers that are selected as Class Representatives.  These reps will work closely with the Parent Association President on class communication, events, and more.

Color Day
Color Day is the last day of Spirit Week, typically held in January or February.  Each grade is assigned a color and on the last day of Spirit Week every student wears their grade’s color.  Students show their spirit by cheering on and participating in games against other grades. 

Connelly Contact
The Connelly Contact is Holy Child’s magazine that includes Alumnae class notes and the Annual Report, while also featuring some events and information from the previous year. The summer edition is usually published by early September, while the winter edition is published by February.

Cyber Days
For any snow day after the first three snow days of the year, faculty members are expected to post assignments for students by 10:00 a.m. If a class does not meet on that day, no assignment should be given. Students must log on to Veracross and complete the assignments to turn in to their teacher in class the next school day. Faculty members must be available online for questions from students between 3:00 and 4:00 pm of a snow day.

Dances are held throughout the year for students in grades 6 through 8.  These are held on Friday nights at various independent schools. Holy Child hosts one of the Middle School dances in the Spring.  A Middle School parent chaperone is asked to attend and sign the Holy Child girls in at each dance.  There is a nominal fee to attend.  See Holly Ball and Prom for Upper School dance information.

The Holy Child community welcomes students and families of all different faiths and diverse backgrounds. Holy Child celebrates diversity within our community and often has discussions led by our Diversity Committee (with 17 faculty/staff members) and the Student Diversity Club, which has members across all grades. Our Multicultural Diversity Coordinator, Katia Vargas, is happy to answer any questions pertaining to diversity and global learning on campus.

Entrepreneurship Program/Junior Class
The Junior Class Entrepreneurship Program provides students in the 11th grade with real-world, hands-on learning experiences on how to successfully identify problems, needs, and opportunities; iteratively prototype and test ideas that address those opportunities; and turn those ideas into products, services, and solutions that benefit society. The focus of the program is on innovation, leadership, and group work. The program culminates in a “Shark Tank”-like event on a morning at the end of May at which groups present their product and business model to a panel of experts.

Fathers' Club
The Fathers' Club is a very active organization at Holy Child, open to all past and present Holy Child dads interested in networking/social gatherings with each other and with their daughters. The Club’s focus is on service projects, dad-daughter outings, assists with school event logistics, and helps the school administration in providing Holy Child students with facilities, equipment, professional help, and coaching.  The Fathers' Club meets several times a year in the evenings. Dinner and adult refreshments are provided, and often a keynote speaker is featured. Please see the Father’s Club section of the website for dates of meetings, events, and representatives.

Father/Daughter Communion Mass & Breakfast
This beautiful time-honored tradition typically takes place the last Sunday in January.  All students and their fathers, uncles, or brothers are invited to attend Mass in the Chapel followed by a breakfast with recognition of our school’s service clubs.

Father/Daughter Dance
This dance, for Middle School students, takes place on the Friday before Holly Ball. Students are encouraged to ring their Father or a significant male figure in their lives to enjoy a fun evening of dancing.

Founders Day Mass
This Mass is held the second week of October to celebrate the founding of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus by Cornelia Connelly in 1846.

The social event of the year!  The Gala is our major fundraising event and all parents are welcome to get involved by volunteering to be on a committee that includes soliciting donations, sponsorships, advertising, decorating, etc. All the preparation culminates in a fantastic, fun-filled evening on campus for parents, faculty, alumnae, and the Holy Child community.

The ceremony for the seniors is on campus under a tent on the first Friday in June at 11am.

Golden Tiger Award
Every month, Middle School students work with their homeroom on different challenges or events to win the "Golden Tiger" for that month.

Grandparents Day
Held the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, students in all grades welcome their grandparents or special guests for a morning that includes a continental breakfast in McShain Library, followed by a liturgy in the gym, and attending classes with their granddaughter. Dismissal is at noon which signals the start of our Thanksgiving break. Information about this event is sent to current parents, and it is their responsibility to invite their daughter’s grandparents and to RSVP to the school for them.

Happenings is the weekly Holy Child e-newsletter sent out by the school to all parents each Wednesday.  Happenings contains all the information you need to know regarding upcoming events, important dates, and news announcements.

Holly Ball
Holly Ball is the Holy Child winter semi-formal, which is held the first Saturday in December and is hosted by the seniors. Students in grades 10-12 attend either with or without a date.

Hot Lunch
Hot Lunch is served every day at Holy Child for students who participate in the Hot Lunch program.

Innovate the Space
Innovate the Space revolutionizes our classrooms into spaces designed to facilitate critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication to shape our students into bold female leaders of the future.

Internship Program/Senior Class
The Holy Child Senior Internship Program is designed to give each senior an opportunity to explore her career interests and gain experience working in a professional environment. It is a graduation requirement for each senior, and must consist of 40 hours or 5 work days performed on-site at a business or non-profit organization.  The Internship Program takes place in May, after the completion of AP exams and senior finals.

A retreat for juniors that is a special introspective three-day reflection. Parents receive information weeks prior to this retreat.  Campus Ministry hosts this retreat each year.

Leadership Reception
This event is held in the fall in recognition and appreciation of the Leadership Donors for their generous contributions of $1,500 or more to The Fund for Holy Child, the school’s annual fundraising initiative, which enhances the education of all of our students.

Lock-In Retreat
Freshmen students take part in a “lock-in retreat” organized by the Campus Ministry office in the fall.  Parents receive information weeks prior to this retreat. Campus Ministry hosts this retreat each year.

Mayfield Market
Mayfield Market is Holy Child’s annual Christmas shopping bazaar, held at the school in November, the weekend before Thanksgiving. More than 60 vendors sell items including personalized clothing, accessories and stationery, holiday hostess gifts, distinctive jewelry, handmade ceramics, men’s clothing, cashmere accessories, handbags, luggage, items for the home, children’s gifts and clothing, poinsettias, and more await the holiday shopper. 

Parents are asked to volunteer for this event by working a shift to help with hospitality, provide computer input of sales, receipt running, and helping with the Tiger Bakery.  Students are also encouraged to volunteer over the course of the weekend, wearing the Tiger costume, greeting attendees, or delivering lunch to our vendors. Dads help with set-up and parking logistics. 

May Crowning Morning
This is a very special morning in May where each mother sits together with her daughter for a beautiful morning of prayer, breakfast, and a celebration of volunteerism at Holy Child.  Grandmothers, aunts, or godmothers are very welcome substitutes as companions to those whose mother is unable to attend.

Movie Night
The Middle School students are invited to attend Movie Night in February. Students come in their PJ's, bring snacks, blankets, and pillows and enjoy a movie and popcorn.

Open House
This October event provides prospective students and their families a comprehensive overview of our school. It consists of welcome remarks and tours throughout the campus to meet the teachers, and to learn more about Holy Child. Students participate as tour guides and parents volunteer to greet the families.  The Fathers' Club assists with parking logistics.

Parents’ Association
Holy Child encourages parent participation in the life of the school and offers parents of all students the opportunity to become involved at many levels. The Parents’ Association sponsors a number of activities and encourages parents to become involved in the planning, execution, and enjoyment of each one. Some parents choose to take on leadership roles, and others support their daughters in activities by working behind the scenes. The enthusiastic support of our current families helps enrich their connection to Holy Child and many stay involved long after their daughters graduate. 

Junior/Senior Prom is held on a Friday night in April off-campus and it is hosted by the junior class. Dress is formal with our students wearing dresses of various lengths. Tickets are sold in advance.

Ring Day
It is a long-standing tradition that a junior is paired with a senior who presents her with her onyx school ring in a special ceremony held in the Chapel with a reception that parents are allowed to attend. Please note the ceremony is only for the students. Information for ordering the class ring is provided in the fall.

Snow Day Policy
If there is any delay in the opening of the Montgomery County Public Schools or if the County schools are closed due to inclement weather, Holy Child will follow the County decision.

Spirit Week
“The best week of the year!” is how most students would describe it.  This exciting week of fun is held in January. Individual grades and the collective Middle School compete with one another throughout the week to score points. There is a “costume” theme each day and games on the last day that include three-legged races, musical chairs, and a pie eating contest.

Tag Day
Several times a year students are given what is known as a “Tag Day’.  Each Tag Day is associated with a specific charity.  Any student who brings in a few dollars to support the designated charity is allowed free dress on Tag Day.  Tag Days may be “dress-up” or “dress-down,” but they will never include short shorts, cut-off shorts, pajamas, items with holes, halter tops, tank tops, or midriff tops. Middle School students may not wear flip-flops or sweatpants at any time.

Tiger Club
The Holy Child Tiger Club is committed to supporting the athletic programs of both our Middle and Upper School. The Tiger Club provides financial support through funds raised by volunteers to encourage excellence in our athletic programs.  We purchase supplies, equipment, and make capital improvements beyond what the school athletic budget provides. Joining the Tiger Club and volunteering your time at school events is a great way to promote student-athletes and school spirit within the Holy Child community.

Tiger Shop
The Tiger Shop is our school store located on the lower floor of the Upper School, next to the cafeteria.  The Tiger Shop is staffed by parent volunteers and is open most mornings and during lunch throughout the school year.  The Tiger Shop sells school spirit wear and other school supplies.  The shop also carries a supply of uniform sweatshirts, uniform socks, PE shorts, and PE t-shirts.  Note that the Tiger Shop does not carry uniform skirts or shirts.  Those must be purchased through Flynn & O’Hara.

Tiger Times
Tiger Times is a daily e-newsletter that provides the top 3 things to know that day. Each student, parent, and faculty/staff member receive Tiger Times in their inbox and Veracross homepages Monday-Friday to stay informed of the daily happenings on campus.

Tiger Trot
Tiger Trot is Holy Child’s very own 5K, with our local fire department as the direct beneficiary.  This year the Tiger Trot will be held Sunday, September 24 at 8:30 a.m. Families are encouraged to register to run/walk.  Consider being a corporate or family sponsor. Parents and students are also encouraged to volunteer to work the water stations and/or to cheer the participants along the course.

All students are expected to attend school each day in perfect uniform.  New skirts/kilts, polo shirts, button-down oxfords, and sweater vests will be available in the Tiger Shop this year. In addition, white Holy Child socks, sweat shirts, navy fleece jackets, and P.E. uniforms are also purchased from the Tiger Shop. Specific uniform guidelines can be found on the school website.

You and your daughter have personal pages in Holy Child’s Veracross database, where you can view grades, events, teacher pages, and update your personal information. There are instructions about logging in under “Parents” on the website.