A Note From Our Spanish Exchange Students


2018-2019 Spanish Exchange Program


Holy Child students are participating in an exchange program with a Spanish school. The exchange is organized with Monaita, a catholic school in Granada, South of Spain. Our students hosted a Spanish student in the fall from October 18 to November 4. The Spanish students were immersed in the American experience by living with a wonderful Holy Child family, they also visited museums, monuments, historic sites, etc. Now they will host us during spring break 2019.


From our Spanish student guests -
We are the Spanish exchange students. We arrived in the USA on October 18. We came really excited and with high expectations, which you have fulfilled! At Holy Child, you have welcomed us very nicely and we have felt very proud of being part of this school. Moreover, the teachers have also welcomed us in the best possible way and treated us like one of their students. You have made us feel as one of you. So, we are grateful to all of you for making this experience unforgettable. We will keep in touch!! Thanks all!!