A Day in the Life


A Day in the Life

By Annie Martin

Each year, Dr. Shannon Gomez has shadowed students from each grade of the school to get a sense of the teaching values throughout our classrooms and to grasp a student’s perspective of Holy Child. She explained that she did it her first year as Head of School to get to know the teachers and students, but loved it so much she has decided to make it a tradition. “It was great to see the community in action,” Dr. Gomez added. She is able to get a classroom perspective of the values Holy Child practices.

When asked if there were any overarching similarities or differences between the grades, Dr. Gomez explained that while of course a math course is very different from physical education, she found “flavor in each class”. Dr. Gomez added, “Whether sixth or twelfth grade, everybody had a sense of belonging and confidence,” which is incredibly important to the values at Holy Child. She also explained that everyone had the opportunity to be their “best selves” and that is something she cherishes about this community. Dr. Gomez admitted that she was exhausted by the end of the day, and truly admires the work of students and the teachers.

Dr. Gomez experienced many funny parts of being a student for the day as well. Whether it was failing a math test with Mrs. Weldon or doing Tai Chi Tennis with Mrs. Whitaker, there was never a dull moment. She also found it funny that she had to balance her everyday job as Head of School, while attending classes. She would remember that she was late for Chemistry class and even admits, “I should have gotten so many detentions!” Overall, Dr. Gomez loves this exercise and how she gets to experience firsthand the reasons why everybody loves Holy Child. She loves seeing both the teachers and the students in action and is excited to do it again next year!