2020 8th Grade Promotion

8th Grade Promotion

Although we couldn’t celebrate the accomplishments of our 29 wonderful 8th grade students in person, we were extremely proud to promote them to our upper school through a virtual ceremony.

Our 8th grade students used their time in Holy Child’s middle school to grow, learn from mistakes, make great strides, and evolve into more strong, confident young women, ready to take on the challenges of high school. It has been an honor to watch our students’ journey so far. Their future is bright and we look forward to seeing where it takes them!

Eighth Grade Promotion Speech:

Good Evening, my name is Avery Johns and I am the Middle School Student Council President.

Last year my class selected the verse, Luke 1:37, “For nothing is impossible without God.”

To reflect upon this quote, I listened to several motivational speeches, I listened to those who looked the impossible in the eye and beat it. As we face the pandemic and as my generation takes a deeper look at racial inequality in America, I wondered... Will I beat this? Will my generation overcome? Will we make the change? I sat there for a moment, sulking in victimhood letting my scars open, until a fragile voice whispered in my ear “Yes.” I recognized, I was put on this earth for a reason, my generation will be the voices of those who feel voiceless. I was gifted with free will by my creator, yet God always makes the grace in my mind louder than the obstacles before me. I believe the fire to fight inside me, inside us, is greater than any hellfire before us. Every human built by God was made to adhere and adapt to the anguish before us. We were built to beat adversity. I’ve realized a lot of people don’t recognize that, a lot of people let the feeling of powerlessness over power the potential of true greatness. I realize a lot of people are not privileged enough to be born and cultivated into atmospheres that create strong minded women. I truly disbelieve many people my age have this knowledge of spirituality, I doubt many have had the privilege to be educated in an environment that creates this kind of knowledge. Holy Child has truly been monumental to mine and many other girls spiritual awakening. They say greatness is measured in those around you. Once you become a Holy Child girl, you develop the Holy Child mindset, eventually all obstacles that dare to face you run away and hide. I believe Holy Child breeds this kind of courageousness. God gifted us with free will and the staff gifted us with the knowledge of how to live it just right. I believe that’s' why we’ve been exceeding during this time of anguish.

Holy Child girls throughout this time have treated each other like we are – sisters. A lot of us thought quarantine would be much different, that we might drift apart. Would our days at the camp site laughing to pieces ever be the same? Would we still make stupid little jokes in class? Would we still have hysterical moments in homeroom like we used to? Would we still feel the fullness our physical atmosphere planted in us? Well, in layman's terms, yes. Through cheeky smiles, a myriad of squeaky laughs combining in just the wrong way, and accidentally leaving our microphones on at rigorous academic moments, I've learned that graceless moments created a paradox in just the best way. Our connection is too strong to have any physical limitations. I truly believe if we were worlds away we could never forget the look on Ms. Davis’ face when I carried Jessie through the obstacle course. Or that time Ms. Pablo’s homeroom dressed as the Grey's Anatomy cast in Spirit Week. And one person had to wear BRIGHT yellow scrubs amongst the six other blue. The point is, wherever we go, we’ll always remember the fullness of our hearts at Holy Child; the love will never die.

With the end of this middle school experience, I know we will miss all of these things, but in the eyes of adversity our love always wins. The power of our hope and love exceeds the impossible. Holy Child taught me to believe, I believe glory relies on one's mindset. Those who are great know they are great and excellence will begin to drop out of their pores like the sun rises. Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. For my sisters, don’t change for anyone, recognize your potential and become it, be a Holy Child girl no matter where you go.

Thank you!

Written by: Avery Johns '24