snr mural 2018

2018 Senior Canvas

THE SENIOR CANVAS is a traditional project taken on by a few seniors every year. This year, Katherine Keeney and Faith Elliott took charge of it (pictured). The senior class' theme was spa-ce, more specifically "Out of this Wor18." The canvas was inspired by outer space, especially old space-themed comic book designs. The process took nearly all year, but was most definitely worth it. After finally figuring out their preliminary sketch, Katherine and Faith presented it to several members of Holy Child's administration and faculty, including Dean Burke and Dr. Gomez. Their feedback led to a few revisions of the sketch. Once it was fully approved, the sketch was transferred to canvas, and the painting began. From February to May, Katherine and Faith worked diligently with Mrs. Payne, VAPA Department Chair, to complete the stellar artwork. The painting as a whole is meant to represent the diversity that the Holy Child school community has to offer. Diversity of culture, of background, of interests, and—most importantly—diversity of thought.

Written by Katherine Keeney '18, Marist College Class of 2022