2018 Goal Award Recipients

2018 Goal Award Recipients

Holy Child's Goal Awards are earned by those students who are most active and virtuous in our school community.
We honored several students from this past school year, below are just a few pictured with all recipients listed.


Goal 1: Faith
The Faith Award is given to a student who fosters a faith commitment that engenders a joyous, personal relationship with God in addressing the challenges of the world. Claire fulfills each of these criteria. Her faith in her personal life has helped shape her into the caring student and friend she is today, always prepared to offer support and eager to follow it through. Claire takes her faith very seriously and it plays an important role in her day to day life, and she is always willing to share it with others.

Other Faith Award Recipients:
Hilary Romero
Reese Kim
Jocelyn Lopez-Flores
Kendall Kley
Kiki Covell
Maya Herishen
Molly Grant


Goal 2: Community
The Community Award is given to a Holy Child girl that lives, learns, and worships as an integral part of our Christian community. Norah is a diligent and hardworking student who goes out of her way to help someone who may need assistance. She has a positive attitude, is a great participant in class, and is the first to make sure her classmates feel included.

Other Community Award Recipients:
Danielle Foster
Ella Urgo
Maggie Titus
Jillian Geils
Julia Strittmatter
Olivia Welsh


Goal 3: Curriculum
The Curriculum Award is given to a student who undertakes an intellectually challenging and creative program of study that develops a love of learning and academic excellence. Jessie has always strived for academic excellence and attention to detail. While she is comfortable taking charge in the classroom, she always makes sure to help out when necessary.

Other Curriculum Award Recipients:
Nyla Choudry
Ava Curley
Pilar Arrendell
Allie Mansinne
Kenna Brickman
Addie Robinson
Charlotte Bell
Geritza Carrasco
Sheila McGuinness


Goal 4: Justice
The Justice Award is given to a girl who continuously works towards the Christian principles of justice, peace, and compassion in every facet of her life. Isabelle always goes above and beyond to mediate in the classroom and in her personal life.

Other Justice Award Recipients:
Colette Archer
Gwyndolyn Johnston
Emily Murphy
Dulce Romero
Bailey Skeeter
Vivi Alpizar


Goal 5: Dignity
The Dignity Award is given to a student that creates a learning climate based on trust and reverence for the dignity and uniqueness of each person. Khaalis always strives to make sure her peers are comfortable, and makes every effort to foster respect among them.

Other Dignity Award Recipients:
Mignon Kaufman
Sofia Cerbone
Madison Phillips
Macie Millard
Maria Manuel
Adrianna Corral
Chesney Lynch


Goal 6: Fulfillment
The Fulfillment Award is given to a Holy Child girl that strives to promote the personal growth and development of all who participate in the life of the school. Gigi always has a smile on her face, and is always ready to help anyone who may need it, whether it be a student, teacher, or staff member.

Other Fulfillment Award Recipients:
Natalie Howell
Addie Hickey
Liberty Topka
Zoey Wexler
Anne Distefano
Madeline Remington
Louise Gao