Middle School Service

Having a heart for service is a core belief of Holy Child. As we seek to educate young women to be all that God created them to be, we are mindful to instill virtues and selflessness in the hearts of our students. Service must be more than a charitable act. It must come from a lively faith and a desire to love as Christ loves, to serve as Christ serves. Students are encouraged to look at their unique gifts and talents and open their eyes to the needs of their family, school/church community, and the global community to find how they can make a positive difference in the lives of others and be the image of Christ to others.

The objectives of the Middle School Service Learning Program are three-fold: (1) Self-awareness: To help students recognize their gifts and talents; (2) Community: To open the eyes of the students to the needs of their community and encourage generosity and creativity in making a difference in society; (3) Incarnational: To reveal the love of Christ to the people they serve and to recognize the face of Jesus hidden in the poor and needy.

Students are expected to complete a total of 18 hours of service each year and follow the service learning process for each trimester requirement. Each trimester will follow a different theme and will vary across grade levels.

Students interested in doing Global Community Service can email Lisa Orosa for those forms.

The Service Learning Process

Pray & Prepare

What are myGod-given gifts and talents? What opportunities are out there to share my gifts and talents to make a positive difference and be Christ to others? What preparations must I make in order to do my chosen act of service? What are the requirements involved? Will I get parental support? Will I need teacher approval? What kind of timeline am I looking at?


Have I brought all the materials and forms I need to do my act of service? Have I made sure I had my service log signed by the appropriate supervisor? Did I bring a cheerful and positive attitude as I was performing my service? Did I do this out of a sense of obligation or out of love and as an expression of my faith?


What have I learned from this experience? How did my act of service affect those who I am serving? How did this experience help me and my own relationship with God? What else can be done in the future? How can I continue to be a blessing to others?


Students are encouraged to look for opportunities to serve those closest to them, their family. In fostering a heart of service for their family, students discover the joy of surprising loved ones with breakfast in bed, creating a special meal for the family, tending to the garden without being asked, or doing the family laundry so mom and dad get a break from the chores. The students learn skills that they would otherwise not have learned before and through a series of blog post reflections, share their experiences and thoughts about the special moments created by their service experience.


School and Church

Students are expected to be a good member of their school and church community by finding opportunities to serve in either Holy Child or at their church. Joining the Service Elective, volunteering at Holy Child events like the Mayfield Market or Tiger Trot, or helping out in Open House, student government and prayer block are just some of the ways a student can make valuable contributions to their school community. Alternatively, students may also serve at their church as altar servers, readers, choir members and volunteering for Church events and activities.


Global Community

Students, working individually or as a group, are expected to serve a total of 5 hours in a chosen organization that tackles a community need or issue they are passionate about. Whether the issues be poverty and hunger, cancer research, supporting mothers with unplanned pregnancies, caring for the elderly, protecting the environment or caring for animals, students will have the opportunity to make a positive difference in the world. Using their gifts and talents, students will research and develop their leadership skills to plan and execute a service activity that will introduce them to a lifetime of service to the community and inspire them to reflect the love of Christ to the world.