Senior Internship Program

Internship Program Description and Objectives

The Holy Child Senior Internship Program is designed give each senior an opportunity to explore her career interests and gain experience working in a professional environment. It is a graduation requirement for each senior and must consist of 40 hours or 5 work days performed on-site at a business or non-profit organization. All internships must be completed between May 15 and May 26, 2017. Senior exams will be scheduled so that they will be completed prior to May 15. Students may spend more than 5 days on-site during this period but only if the intern sponsor is in agreement.

Planning for the Internship: Student Responsibilities

Each senior student must complete the Internship Proposal Form and submit it to her advisor and to the intern coordinator. The form is on-line and can be accessed through the Holy Child web page. The form is due on  January 20.

Once her Internship Proposal Form is approved, each senior should contact the business or organization identified on her proposal and make arrangements for securing the intern position. All students should participate in an interview by email, phone or in-person with the potential sponsor. It is the student’s responsibility to make this contact and obtain the agreement of the sponsoring organization. Once a student has a verbal agreement from an intern sponsor, she must complete the on-line  Internship Confirmation Form and submit it by March 15.

Finally, a Holy Child Internship Agreement for Students and Parents must be signed by each student and her parent or guardian and returned to Holy Child prior to starting the internship and no later than April 19. No student may participate in an internship without the school’s approval of the internship. All internships must occur between May 15 and May 26.

Intern Sponsors

Holy Child has developed a list of approved potential intern sponsors to help students locate businesses and organizations that match with their interests; however, students are not limited to that list. Students may identify any suitable organization but they must obtain the school’s approval of that organization prior to beginning the internship. If a student chooses a new organization, that is not already on the Holy Child list of sponsors, she must send the organization a link to the Intern Sponsor Form and ask the organization to complete it. All student must also ask their proposed sponsor to complete and submit the Internship Agreement for Sponsors.

Basic Requirements to Prepare for the Internship

In summary, there are four steps each student must complete prior to her internship.

  1. Submit an intern proposal form to identify the organization where she plans to intern.
  2. Submit an intern confirmation form to confirm that she has contacted the organization and gained its approval for the internship.
  3. Sign an agreement form, along with a parent or guardian, that outlines both student, parent and sponsor responsibilities.
  4. Ask the proposed sponsor to submit the Internship Agreement for Sponsors. Additionally, if the student has chosen a new sponsor, not already on Holy Child’s list of sponsors, she must also ask the sponsor to complete the Intern Sponsor Form.

Support and Training for Senior Internships

Senior Homeroom Advisors will be the primary contact for seniors as they plan for and secure their internship. To help prepare themselves for the internship, seniors will participate in training sessions covering interview techniques, business e-mail and letter writing, professional conduct and appropriate business attire.

Post-Internship Presentations

Each senior will prepare a presentation after her internship is completed. Presentations will be conducted in homeroom advisory groups and will occur on Tuesday, May 30. Parents and intern sponsors will be invited to attend the presentations and a reception will follow the presentations.

Communications about the Internship Program

All seniors will be enrolled in an internship program class on Veracross. Meg Mayo, Director of College Counseling and Internship Program Coordinator, will appear as the teacher of the class. All the internship documents, forms, and announcements will be available either through Veracross or on the Holy Child web page. Mrs. Mayo and Mrs. Wells will periodically send email updates to both parents and students as the internship year unfolds. Should you have any questions, please email the Mrs. Wells and Mrs. Mayo.

Online Forms

Internship Proposal Form 
To be completed by each student

Internship Confirmation Form
To be completed by each student

Links to forms to be completed by sponsors
Students, please send the links to these forms to proposed sponsors. If your sponsor was involved in our internship last year, they don't need to fill out the sponsor form again. However, they will need to complete the agreement form.



Wednesday August 31
Senior Internship Program is presented to parents of seniors

Tuesday, September 20, J block
Senior Internship Program is presented to seniors and homeroom advisors.

October, November & December
Each senior student meets with homeroom advisor to review internship requirements and discuss her ideas for her internship.

January, date to be determined
Training for seniors – Guidelines for corresponding by phone or email to introduce yourself, request your placement and arrange the details. Discussion of how to present yourself in the workplace through your demeanor, attitude and proper dress.

January 20
Internship Proposal Form This form must be completed and submitted by this date. The form will be available on-line.

February and March
Seniors contact intern sponsors to confirm internship.

March 15
Internship Confirmation Form  is due from students.  By this date all seniors should have contacted their Intern Sponsor, worked out the details of their placement, and sent the sponsor the link to the  Internship Agreement for Sponsors

April 19
Signed Internship Agreements for Students and Parents are due back to Holy Child (These agreements are to be signed by each student, and a parent.) Internship Agreement for Sponsors are also due by this date.

Monday, May 15 - Friday, May 26
Internship completed between these days. Minimum requirement is to spend 5 days on-site. Students have the option to spend the full 2 weeks on-site if the intern sponsor is in agreement.

Tuesday, May 30
Seniors present their internship experience in homeroom groups.