Internship Sponsors

Become an Intern Sponsor

Connelly School of the Holy Child is a Catholic, independent college preparatory school for young women in grades 6 through 12. Senior students are required to complete an internship program during the spring of their senior year. Holy Child is looking for businesses and non-profit organizations that are interested in offering an internship position to a senior student. This is an opportunity to influence young women just at the point when they are considering their career options. We hope you will see this as a good investment for your organization and a way to demonstrate to these students the value and benefits of choosing your profession.

If your company or organization is interested in being placed on our list of potential intern sponsors, please click here and fill out the internship sponsor form. The form is quite brief and provides the school with basic information about your company and the name of the person in your organization who should be contacted when our students are ready to request a position.

Senior Internship Program Description and Objectives

The Holy Child Senior Internship Program is designed to give senior students an opportunity to explore their career interests and gain experience working in a professional environment. It is a graduation requirement for each senior and must consist of a minimum of 40 hours or 5 work days performed on-site at a business or non-profit organization. All internships must be completed during the last two weeks of May. Some students and sponsors may be interested in increasing the internship time to 10 days. Should a student request a longer term, it is up to the discretion of the sponsor to extend the internship.

These internships are unpaid positions. They are intended to be a learning opportunity for the students. Your organization does not need to have a formal internship program to be an intern sponsor. Just allowing a student to shadow you or other professionals at your place of work will give our senior students a better understanding of the many career options that are available to them at this critical juncture in their lives.

Between September and December, students will research and plan for their internships. Between January and March students will be expected to contact organizations and request an interview for an intern position. If contacted by a student, it is the choice of the business or non-profit organization to conduct an interview by phone or in-person. Of course, it is entirely at the discretion of the business or organization to decide if it is willing or able to offer an internship when a student calls and requests one.

The intern experience should provide our students with a better understanding of a professional work environment and an opportunity to meet and observe people engaged in a variety of careers. We know that in 5 days students will not be able to engage in extended work tasks but we believe they can benefit enormously from the opportunity to observe professionals at work and discuss their career interests with adults working in a variety of fields.

Typical duties of an intern sponsor are listed below.

  • Provide a structured and supervised learning experience for the student intern and be available to answer questions about your profession to help the student better understand her own career options.
  • Advise the student of all worksite rules, regulations, policies, and procedures which may relate to them while at the worksite.
  • Explain to the student the responsibilities and duties of her assignment at your business or organization.
  • Complete a brief final evaluation of the student’s performance while on site.
  • Bring any problems or concerns that might occur to the attention of the Connelly School of the Holy Child.

For More Information

If you have any questions or know of other organizations that might be interested in becoming intern sponsors, please contact Cindy Kahan, Internship Program Coordinator or Mary Hopkins, Assistant Head of School, at (301) 365-0955 x2162.

Thank you for your interest in becoming an intern sponsor and making this important contribution to the education of our students.


Wednesday August 31
Senior Internship Program is presented to parents of seniors

Tuesday, September 20, J block
Senior Internship Program is presented to seniors and homeroom advisors.

October, November & December
Each senior student meets with homeroom advisor to review internship requirements and discuss her ideas for her internship.

January, date to be determined
Training for seniors – Guidelines for corresponding by phone or email to introduce yourself, request your placement and arrange the details. Discussion of how to present yourself in the workplace through your demeanor, attitude and proper dress.

January 20
Internship Proposal Form This form must be completed and submitted by this date. The form will be available on-line.

February and March
Seniors contact intern sponsors to confirm internship.

March 15
Internship Confirmation Form  is due from students.  By this date all seniors should have contacted their Intern Sponsor, worked out the details of their placement, and sent the sponsor the link to the  Internship Agreement for Sponsors

April 19
Signed Internship Agreements for Students and Parents are due back to Holy Child (These agreements are to be signed by each student, and a parent.) Internship Agreement for Sponsors are also due by this date.

Monday, May 15 - Friday, May 26
Internship completed between these days. Minimum requirement is to spend 5 days on-site. Students have the option to spend the full 2 weeks on-site if the intern sponsor is in agreement.

Tuesday, May 30
Seniors present their internship experience in homeroom groups.