Global Learning

Holy Child will round up its global conversations and approach into action with several study abroad opportunities through the year. You will be immersed into other cultures, learning hands on and practicing what has been taught in class.
Our destinations vary from year to year. 

Please contact Katia Vargas for applications and details of the following trips:




January 2017

Please join us applying for the amazing opportunity of an exchange program in Connelly School of the Holy Child – Ireland. Last year two of our students had the opportunity to participate.

"My time spent in Ireland was nothing short of an incredible experience. Right from the start, I was welcomed with open arms by not only my host family, but also by the students and faculty of Holy Child Killiney. I was included in class discussions, conversed with the teachers as if they were my own, and made new friends with the most interesting of backgrounds. Needless to say, my host family treated me as if I was truly part of the family. There was never a dull moment on the weekends or during the week.

After school activities consisted of going to the mall, eating out with peers, and everything in between. On the weekends, we did everything from watch junior rugby games to drive across the country to explore Galway. The girl I was paired up with couldn't have been a better match; although we were practically strangers, we got along as if we were sisters.” – Geritza Carrasco

“I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to visit Ireland last February. I learned so much from the experience and I am grateful I went. Positive things from my trip were meeting a lot of new people and being able to see the life style of a different country. Their everyday style was much calmer than ours, which I found intriguing. For the few days I was in class, I was able to experience a new teaching style. I felt they had more lectures and note talking while we are much more collaborative in the classroom.” – Maggie Koch


Jamaica Service Trip


March (Spring Break)

Jamaica Mission Trip- “Come Jamaica difference!” As many as 15 students will travel to Jamaica during Spring break to serve the mission of Food for the Poor. The group will visit an elderly home, a Food for the Poor charity office, an orphanage, and build a house, among other activities. To find out more about Food for the Poor, please visit their website: If you or your daughter are interested in this mission trip, please contact our Campus Minister Meg Russell.

"Living such a privileged life here in the United States, having a safe shelter had always been something that I’d taken for granted. However, helping to build a house in Jamaica, I saw the real impact that even a small home can have on a family’s life. The gratitude that the Russell family expressed to us was evidence to me that the work we were doing was a way to show Christ to others. Personally, the most impactful part of the experience was visiting Gift of Hope, a home for those with disabilities ranging from autism to cerebral palsy. There I literally saw the face of Joy. Joy is a four-year-old girl who has cerebral palsy. Her name suited her well–she had the brightest smile I have ever seen. Even though she couldn’t speak, we had a connection that didn’t require words. She sat there holding my hand and playing with my nametag. Spending time with Joy, I finally understood the true meaning of the trip. I was there not only to show the face of God to others, but also to let others show the face of God to me. I love my Jamaica. Jamaica loves me." – Isabelle Tyshing ’16


"I'm a cosmopolitan, the whole world is my country; and heaven is my home"
Cornelia Connelly


Costa Rica

August 2017

For two weeks, join us for the exchange program to Costa Rica. During their stay, Holy Child students will be hosted by a Costa Rican family, will be attending classes at Saint Francis High School, and will participate actively in extracurricular activities of their interest.

During the weekends, host families will travel with HC students to different tourist attractions (volcanoes, beaches, parks, etc.). The second week will be devoted to contribute with volunteer hours at an after-and-before care for under-privileged children (ASONI).



Other Opportunties

Various times throughout the year

Italian Musicians
March 2017 (first week)
We will be receiving a group of Italian musicians who will join us in the play this year. Please contact: for details.

Serving in Spain
June 2017
Please contact: for details.